Here's How To Create Your Entire Online Course Outline in 6 Minutes Flat.

(...even if you’ve been stuck for months (even years!) trying to decide what it should be about)
This is a private session between my mentor Paul and I, where Paul takes me through his simple process for outlining entire courses in just 6 minutes.

I had a new product idea for teaching creators how to use "Order Bumps" and "Upsells" to double or triple their sales fast...and I was stuck trying to figure out what to actually teach. (yes, even I get stuck sometimes)

Paul's simple process literally got the entire product out of my head in just 6 minutes.

A day later, we sat down and got the entire product created in just an hour because this exercise made it so much clearer for me.

If you're stuck like I was, we have a few spots open where you can work with us to go through this same process, plus the 3 next steps where we get your entire product created, and ready to start making sales every single day.