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Every Tool You Need To Build (& Monetize) A Massive Audience

Sick of buying course after course? Or spending weeks on YouTube trying to find the right strategy? Those days are over...

Creator AI Assistant™

Instead of spending weeks on research and writing, use the Creator AI Tool to quickly:

Do valuable market research - all with AI
Write converting sales copy
Instantly write ebooks and video scripts
Find ideas for products your customers actually need

A 100% Custom Built Plan For You

Our onboarding takes you through a series of specific questions to get to know your goals, experience and what you sell. From there, we provide a custom learning guide made just for you.

Specific course recommendations
Dynamically updates lessons
Custom learning paths
Tailored experience

Watch Your Audience Grow

The Creator Dashboard allows you to watch your followers grow in real-time and makes relevant recommendations based on your data.

Track engagement, audience size, and sales
Connect multiple social media accounts
Recommended courses and lessons
Audience demographic information

100+ Strategies From 7-Figure Creators

Creating your first (or next) product

Get started quickly and actually finish your digital product.

The Product Creation Masterclass
No product? No problem! Start selling now, with our help with creating your first (or next!) digital product.
Sales Page Scribing
This is a masterclass in writing good sales page copy for your websites, landing pages, and sales pages. Learn the 8 steps every sales page needs, see the mistakes most people make, and how to correct them.
The Instant $1,000 eBook
Do you want We built this $1,000 eBook with ChatGPT - learn how you can too!
The AI Author
Darby Rollins shows you how to use Jasper's Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write an eBook in less time, with better information, and turn it into one of your best-selling products.
How To Get People To Buy From You

Don’t leave selling up to chance. Deploy proven sales strategies in minutes.

The 1-Page Masterclass
What you're about to discover is the same strategy that thousands of SamCart users are doing every single day, and they've now made close to $2 Billion in sales. You'll learn the secrets to creating highly converting websites, landing pages, and sales pages with a simple blueprint.
The 1-Page Blueprint & Workshop
Learn the elements of highly converting websites, landing pages, and sales pages with a simple blueprint.Download your copy of the 1-Page Blueprint, and watch the 1-Page Workshop training session here!
Zero To Selling
Do you have absolutely nothing for your business? Like, no idea, let alone, a business plan? This crash course will get started, get you up and running quickly, from ideation, to building a product and page, to creating your first ads.
4 Steps to Launch
Tune in for guided onboarding of exactly how you can go from "setting up" to "first sale" with SamCart! Go through customized steps for exactly what you're selling (ebooks, services, courses, or even physical products).
Secret Strategies From 7-Figure Creators

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the latest strategies being used by today's biggest influencers

List Building Shortcuts
Learn how to grow your email list, write the perfect email, and increase your sales with these marketing tactics and copy hacks.
Facebook Ads 101
Unlock more traffic than you'll know what to do with. Discover how I launched a #1 ranked iTunes podcast, built a fan page of over 325,000 fans, amassed an email list of +250,000 subscribers, and rallied over 1,000 affiliates to promote and sell +$4,000,000 worth of my products for me.
Sales Copy Bootcamp with Joanna Bain
Attention! If you’re looking to sell more, pay close attention. Join Joanna Bain as she walks you through the secrets of writing sales copy that resonates with your readers whether it is in a title, an email, or a website/sales page/landing page.
Zero Dollar Marketing Strategies
Learn the tips and tricks for leveraging sweat-equity instead of money to get traffic to your new product. These free marketing tips and tricks are no-cost and low-cost marketing tactics to grow your traffic and your sales.
How To Attract Thousands of Followers

From Facebook Ads mentoring to social media coaching and Instagram hashtag strategies, build traffic and followers on social media and everywhere—organic and paid.

0-100k YouTube Subscribers with Rocky Ullah
Are you tired of pouring countless hours into your YouTube channel, only to be met with lackluster views and underwhelming results?In this course, Rocky Ullah shows you how to blow up your YouTube channel, get hundreds of thousands of views, and all but guarantee video success every time.
Leverage Your Content with James Wedmore
Learn to get more views and engagement while making less content by strategically repurposing the content you create in this training with growth expert James Wedmore.We'll explore how to stretch your time and your content across events and social media to get the maximum impact with the most efficient effort.
Instagram Insider
Discover how we grew from 0 to 78,000 Instagram followers in under 12 months...for FREE! This new Instagram mini-course is your blueprint for exactly how to grow your follower count on social media with organic traffic, and turn those followers into sales.
The Traffic Tactics Masterclass
Unlock more social media traffic than you'll know what to do with. Discover how I launched a #1 ranked iTunes podcast, built a fan page of over 325,000 fans, amassed an email list of +250,000 subscribers, and rallied over 1,000 affiliates to promote and sell +$4,000,000 worth of my products for me.
How To Reach 6 (or 7) Figures Per Year

Get past 6-figures and on your way to 7-figures, with a creator business you love.

Top Seller Strategies
Get bonus training from some of the top experts in a number of different topics like free traffic, scaling businesses, and professional branding.
The Upsell Playbook
The definitive guide to multiplying your sales by creating + launching your own one click upsells!
Scaling With SamCart
What does it take to reach 6-figures in sales? Growing your business, increasing your profits, and scaling has never been easier.Uncover the exact blueprint for taking any hobby-level business to $100k per year + beyond, by leveraging the same strategies used by SamCart's top creators.
How to Scale with Mike Dillard
Discover the secrets Mike Dillard has used to generate tens of millions of dollars in sales over the last decade and how to apply them for yourself (no matter what stage you're currently at right now) in order to scale your business.

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CreatorU Plus Coaching Recordings
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What Do You Want to Learn?

Struggling to break-even on Facebook? Nick shows his simple method for doubling your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Want to reach 7 figures per year? Mike explains the simple process for 10X'ing your revenue.

Want free traffic? Kim walks through her proven strategies for getting thousands of followers on every major platform, for free!

Want the world's top conversion techniques? We'll reveal the hidden strategies our top sellers are using to 2-4X their sales and profits.

Want to use Facebook Ads? Brian reveals the exact process he used to start with just $50/day and scale to millions per month in ads.

Want a 6-figure challenge? Christie walks through her simple process for creating your own 6-figure challenge to sell to your audience.

Need help launching? Get the 4 step process for launching your own 6-figure ebook or mini course.​

Want a #1 podcast? Get the proven blueprint for launching a brand new podcast that climbs to the top of the charts in the first 7 days!

Want to 10X your content production (without adding extra work)? James reveals his quick setup for creating 10X more content for social media, without working extra hours.

Something holding you back? Uncover the breakthrough strategies that top performers use daily to ensure their setup for success, even when things aren't going their way.

Want 100k Instagram followers? Get our blueprint for hitting 100k followers in less than 12 months, without spending money on ads.

Get our copy/paste script for the perfect upsell page and upsell video.

Want a huge YouTube channel? Get Rocky's template for getting over 1,000,000 subscribers for FREE.

Need your first sale? Here's the exact formula thousands have used to make their first sales online!

Want more traffic? Uncover the top strategies that are working today to build massive audiences, get millions of eyeballs, and become the #1 influencer in your niche.

Want to speed up your success? Brian shares his personal manifesto from years of watching people struggle to build the business of their dreams...and how to overcome all the obstacles.

Want to double sales? Discover how to effectively upsell your customers so they buy 2-3X more stuff from your brand, without pissing them off.

Want to 4X sales? Get our copy/paste template for getting 40-60% of your customers to buy a second...or third...or fourth product from you on day one!

Get our copy/paste script for the perfect upsell page and upsell video.

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When you subscribe to CreatorU Plus, you'll get complete access to our entire CreatorU Library of trainings, workshops, blueprints, templates and scripts plus our 2 bonus courses.

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Business Coaching and Mentorship

Learn from successful creators who’ve done it and get weekly growth coaching.

Coming Soon! Business Coaching and mentorship

4X Your ROI with these $32M Facebook Ad Secrets - with Nicholas Kusmich
Nicholas Kusmich has spent over $32 million in Facebook Ads, and has gained a TON of insider secrets along the way. In today's episode of CreatorU+, Nicholas is going to do a deep dive on some of his favorite strategies, hacks, and best practices for driving a massive return on ad spend (ROAS) on Facebook Ads.
How I Made Two Million-Dollar Businesses with YouTube - with Rocky Ullah
If you want to revolutionize your business and send tons of qualified buyers to your site, then YouTube is the platform for you. In this CreatorU+ episode, Rocky gives you incredible insight into how he creates content that people want to see week after week, and the steps you should take to launch your perfect YouTube channel.
5 Million TikTok Views from Zero Subscribers - with Keith Krance
If you want to learn how brand new channels can get over 1 million video views on TikTok, hack TikTok's Algorithm, and learn the 12 "Hook Elements" that give you endless ideas for videos, then this is the video for you.
10,000 Leads a Day - with Justin Brooke
Learn how to make 6-figures with powerful Google Display Ads Campaigns, the #1 tactic you should steal from the most effective ads in the world, and the two "jab, hook" strategies you should use after a great Display Ad.

What is CreatorU?

Hi, I’m Brian Moran.

I’m the creator of CreatorU and SamCart, a simple but powerful software that makes it easy for anyone to sell anything online. And without worrying about technology. With our help, online creators have generated over two billion dollars in sales—and changed their lives.

But one thing has always bothered me: Why are so many creators struggling to create and sell their products?

Some are successful right away. Their products sell like crazy and they scale their business easily. But others are stuck for weeks, months, even years.

My team and I set out to solve this problem once and for all.And that’s why we made CreatorU: to help creators like you launch, grow, and scale their online business, selling digital products, and doing what they love.

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Get all the Shortcuts from 7 and 8-figure creators

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Level up your business with unlimited access to our entire library of training for creators. You’ll have full access to a binge-worthy library of content designed to make sure you’re successful.

Access all of our videos, templates, scripts, resources, conversion techniques, and more. You have several on-demand masterclasses at your fingertips. Plus, you'll never be charged for new content inside CreatorU. This will be everything from courses, to expert contributions, to refreshing some of our most popular trainings.

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